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First published on Monday 27 July 1998:

Europe city guide warning

TRADING Standards officers are warning companies to be aware of a circular about a European City Guide.

Officers in Lancashire have received a number of complaints and queries about the guide being published by a Spanish company.

Firms throughout Lancashire have received circulars requesting that the recipient check the name and address details and indicate the nature of the business.

If sent back to European City Guide no further commitment is made.

But, if signed, the circular becomes an order for a highlighted entry at a total cost of more than £1,000.

A trading standards spokesman said it was up to any company to assess the value of a guide entry, but should realise that if the document was signed it became a contractual document which could be enforced in the County Court.

Converted for the new archive on 14 July 2000. Some images and formatting may have been lost in the conversion.

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